Founded by Veterans, our vision is to continue
Service To Country through contracting.​


Deliver relevant, reliable, and efficient services, solutions, and support to our clients.

Provide employees with the environment, resources, and support needed to be successful.

Promote a company culture of integrity and commitment; and have a positive impact in all we do​.


INTEGRITY: To consistently and purposefully act with honesty and fairness; to be reliable & trustworthy.

BALANCE:  Stability, importance, consistency - all achieved through balance; achieved by knowing, prioritizing, & doing what is most important.

TEAMWORK: Collaborate, cooperate, & coordinate; a teamwork output is often greater that the sum of its parts.

CREATIVITY:  Think outside the box, innovate, be inquisitive - there might be a better way, make it fun & get it done.

DIVERSITY: Respect the differences encountered in the workplace - varying gender, age, education, religion, race, ethnicity, culture, experience, strengths and weaknesses - work-success is the goal. 


We knew that by combining our collective military, industry, and Government-contracting experience, skills, associations, expertise and commitment, that we could create a company to meet our three important objectives. Each of SoundWay's partners bring his/her unique combination to SoundWay:  decades supporting the DoD and intelligence community's information technology enterprise; hands-on experience supporting operations and support activities; certifications and advanced degrees in client-and-industry relevant management and technical fields; systems engineering expertise migrating legacy systems into the cloud and deploying mission-critical and mission-support systems within and across multiple domains; and experience supporting multi-national engagements.​


We measure our success by our clients' and employees' success and by our overall impact. Success relies on nurturing all of the players and parts. Neglecting one or more chips away at the ability to maintain repeatable success. In order to maintain our success, we don't think of SoundWay as just a company, we look at it as an ecosystem where our clients, our employees, industry, and associated environments overlap and interact for the purpose of supporting one another and creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its' parts. 


It is a question we're asked a lot: "How did SoundWay get its name?"

"Good Question - and one I'm proud to answer. I grew up on Long Island, in Rocky Point, NY, on SoundWay Drive. Growing up, I was blessed with loving parents, great family and friends, the beach, and a terrific community - especially the neighbors and life-long friends on SoundWay Drive. I first painted the SoundWay seagull when I was in High School for an art project, and I've continued to draw it, or doodle it, ever since. Naming the company SoundWay and using the Seagull as our logo just made sense to me. It is a way to pay homage to a place and time and people that helped shape me into the person I am, and to remind me of the kind of company that I want SoundWay to always be.

- - Diane Bellegarde, President & CEO